Yet Another Benefit of Green Tea
New, biodegradable machining compound is more effective than industry standards... 
Green Tea Use Expands to Computers
For years, health experts have touted the benefits of drinking green tea, but a new use for the ancient beverage has just been developed by researchers who are adding green tea to a machining compound... 
Green Tea Good for Hard Drives
For years, green tea has been believed by some to lower cholesterol, prevent rheumatoid arthritis and even stave off cancer. Now scientists think the warm green stuff has yet another benefit: the potential to save hard-drive manufacturers millions of dollars... 

Ventana Research was established in 2001 having a core
competency in materials science as well as applied
surface & polymer chemistry.

Photo by Erica Koerber
Evon Photography
Ventana has considerable success in developing consumable products for niche markets of interest to both the government and private sector. The organization is particularly competent at developing high value added products using commodity chemicals & materials.

Government customers include the Department of Defense; commercial customers cover the full spectrum ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 Companies.